A downloadable game for Windows

Get a FREE COPY & your NAME in the credits - get offer here: Beta Test Guide

This version of the game is for Beta Testers only. If you are going to play, please use the link above to submit your feedback afterwards!

Before you start the first level, buy all the available FREE turrets!

Full Game Release Notification Signup: Newsletter box at the bottom of the page on our website: Commando Jack Website

Controls: (anything below "Drone" doesn't work)

Also right click cycles through RCTs (Remote Control Turrets) while inside them.

Install instructions

Extract ALL of the files in the zip folder to the same place

  1. After extraction, do not change the location of any of the files, if you want to move the installation folder, move the whole thing, together at once, as the .exe relies on the other files
  2. Double click the Commando Jack Respawn.exe to launch the game, you may see a blue warning, click "More Info" 
  3. Then click "Run anyway", until we deliver the game with its own installer, Windows will ask you if you trust me. I can verify it was me that uploaded the files you have downloaded. So you are safe.
  4. To uninstall, just delete the entire folder


Commando Jack Respawn Beta 0.2.zip 59 MB

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